2010 TRENDS: Loser lettuce; Tony vs. Alice; Costco sea cucumbers; seaweed caviar

Reported by Mark Bittman, New York Times: “Enter, or re-enter, the loser lettuces, romaine and — dare I suggest it — iceberg, two standbys available in every supermarket in the country, and are especially useful through winter and spring, as we wait for the first of the local greens (and local, real mesclun) to arrive.” … Continue reading

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U.S. FOOD TRENDS: acai pizza? booze & caffeine? toasted beef gelee

The Wall Street Journal recently did a Q&A with chef and Slow Food/localvore icon Alice Waters who opened Chez Panisse in Berkeley 39 years ago.  Waters said: – “(Good food) is not inexpensive. But we make choices about what to value. Some people would rather spend their money on cell phones or gym shoes or on a bigger … Continue reading