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Rockygrass 2017: Classical bluegrass or bluesy chamber music? You decide



The Kruger Brothers with the Kontras Quartet, 7/29/17 Rockygrass Festival (Lehndorff)


(7/28/17) I was raised on string quartets and folk troubadours and listened to Pete Seeger combine classical and folk music in the early days of public TV, so it seems normal. The Swiss-born Kruger Brothers charm classical snobs into appreciating twang and the bluegrass purists into recognizing where most of those stringed instruments come from. Their rousing collaboration with the Kontras Quartet proves the universality of the acoustic language. Edgar Meyer – the noted classical bassist and composer, dobroist Jerry Douglas and gospel singer Odessa Settles shared a truly remarkable, poignant rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” along with some modern folk chamber instrumentals.

becky 17

A great voice, presence and fiddle player: Becky Buller and band at Rockygrass July 29. (Lehndorff)



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