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Rockygrass ’16: After the yoga, drum-driven fusion and iconic twang


(3:07 p.m. 7/30/16 Lyons CO / Sunny with  a chance of more sun) – I missed the yoga session at 8 a.m. The fans on the field at the Rockygrass Festival pretty much knew when they wheeled the drum riser onto the stage that Tony Trischka and his band (above) probably weren’t going to stick to songs by Bill Monroe. From his first vinyl in the 1970s Trischka took a jazz approach to playing the banjo while still being a devotee to hard-driving tradition and his set with drummer, his son, was a captivating conversation across multiple genres by gifted players. doyle

This my office for the weekend. I like it because it’s shady, has plus, drinks and famous musicians like Doyle Lawson hanging around practicing.

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