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Pie Times: Tis the season of things in crust

Winter coffee and pie by Tom Hussey

Winter coffee and pie by Tom Hussey

By John Lehndorff

(Lafayette CO Oct. 26, 2015) – Welcome to our annual Pie Times, 30 pie-loving days of recipes, news and crust tips until Thanksgiving Day, the one day Americans consume actual pumpkin pie with their pumpkin pie spiced lattes. 

Honestly, pie stays on our minds through the holidays until America’s greatest holiday, National Pie Day, celebrated annually on January 23, the birthday of its founder Charlie Papazian.

Honestly, there’s no “us.” I was just using the Pie-pal voice. Pie is not my paying job although I once aspired to be America’s pie guy. It’s just an obsession or highly caloric hobby. Google “John Lehndorff pie” to see what I mean.

Want more pie?: Like my page for a further barrage of pie controversies and flour discussions. Share it (and some pie) with your friends soon.

Further listening: Radio Nibbles

Further reading:

Pie Words To Live By:  “Men may come and men may go…..but Pie goes on for ever.” – George Augustus Sala

John Lehndorff is the former food editor of the Daily Camera and dining critic at the Rocky Mountain News. A veteran pie judge, he has also headed the American Pie Council, directed the Great American Pie Festival, edited the Pie Times newsletter, taught pie-making classes, and published the Colorado Pie Trail Calendar 2014. The answer is fresh wild blueberry, double-crusted.


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