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Nibbles: Pressure cookers in the news recall mom’s goulash


DSC_0067UNDER PRESSURE While sadly absorbing the latest news from Boston, I wonder whether even half of the news readers and viewers knew what a pressure cooker is, and bet than many fewer have actually used one. However, around the world everybody has a pressure cooker to use to soften tough foods: meat, beans, etc.

I don’t have a pressure cooker but I grew up in Massachusetts with my mom, Rose (left) using one to make Hungarian goulash. Because it had a tendency to pop its top and bounce off the ceiling, we avoided the kitchen when it was in use. Hmmm – Is that why she used it so often?


SLOW DOWN The founder of the Slow Food movement is coming to Boulder, site of one of the firts American Slow Food convivium. The first meeting was at Peggy Markel’s house.



WHY WE HAVE SMART PHONES As I have long suspected, food is the reason we have mobile phones:
“The majority of searches on mobile applications and browsers are for restaurants, according to a new SinglePlatform study, and 75% of consumers often choose an eatery based on those searches.” –

I DID NOT KNOW THIS:  “For many producers, an extra heavy bottle is a marketing strategy to get you to believe the quality of the wine is somehow higher.” –
John Lehndorff is the former food editor and columnist for the Daily Camera and Aurora Sentinel, dining critic at the Rocky Mountain News and author of the “Denver Dines” restaurant guidebook. His Nibbles column has been distributed nationally by Knight-Ridder. He is a former restaurant cook, cooking class teacher, and one of America’s foremost pie experts.

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