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NIBBLES: Renovations and ghosts at the reimagined Chautauqua Dining Hall


533329_10201201339894892_1487831314_n  Yes, that’s me hard at work testing burrata and Brussels sprouts at a soft opening dinner in the beautifully remodeled Chautauqua Dining Hall accompanied by the lovely Lynne Eppel and Kuvy Ax. The interior has a new dining nook, a comfy bar area and two fireplaces. The new owners are Three Leaf – the folks who have the Tea House, Huckleberry, Aji etc. The wraparound porch remains one of the singular dining spots in Colorado.

That historic venue in Boulder holds so many memories as well as ghosts for me, of friends and family members I’ve dined with who’ve  now passed on. I’ve been eating there since I arrived in Boulder in the mid-1970s. I hosted the Grand Buffet benefit tasting there for KGNU and other events. I’m sitting, above, where I danced at my own wedding reception. Chautauqua Dining Hall is reopening soon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


“For Americans of a certain age and class, food is the punctuation of life, a commercial break between those bothersome segments of work or play that require the use of our hands, thus prohibiting their availability for unwrapping , unpeeling, or defrosting. Eating certifies leisure.” – From “The Quest for Pie” by Michael Dorris


John Lehndorff is Colorado’s most experienced food writer and editor. He is the former food editor and columnist for the Daily Camera and Aurora Sentinel, dining critic at the Rocky Mountain News and author of the “Denver Dines” restaurant guidebook. His Nibbles column has been distributed nationally by Knight-Ridder. He is a former restaurant cook, cooking class teacher, and one of America’s foremost pie experts.

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