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2011 Food Trends: Sous vide, hyper-local, salami-free meals, Yummly, and Colorado Port

The All-American Artisan Salumi Sandwich

Reported by: http://www.fesmag.com/index.php/news/foodservice-news/item/5162-chefs-identify-leading-trends-for-2011
According to a recent chefs’ survey, the top five production methods for 2011 will be: sous vide, braising, liquid nitrogen chilling/freezing, pickling and smoking. The top 10 menu trends for next year will be locally sourced meats and seafood, locally grown produce, sustainability as a culinary theme, nutritious kids’ dishes, hyper-local items, children’s nutrition as a culinary theme, sustainable seafood, gluten-free/food allergy-conscious items, back-to-basics cuisine and farm-branded ingredients.
Topping categories within the survey are: street food-inspired items and amuse bouche/bite-size hors d’oeuvre in appetizers; black-forbidden rice and quinoa in sides/starches; ethnic-inspired and traditional ethnic items in breakfast/brunch; house-made ice cream and bite-size items in desserts; regional and fusion in ethnic cuisines; artisan cheeses and ethnic cheeses in ingredients; sousvide and braising in preparation methods; and specialty iced tea and organic coffee in nonalcoholic beverages.

Reported by Tasting Table:
And now we have a forecaster for food: Yummly.com. This just-launched recipe-search site “learns” what you like to cook and suggests your next kitchen adventure accordingly. As with other recipe sites, you can filter searches by ingredients, allergens, price, time and cuisine. But what makes Yummly stand out is its intuition: The more you use it, the better it understands your taste and quibbles, then employs its algorithms to recommend recipes to match. (Love lamb but hate rosemary? No problem.) You can also save favorite dishes (and your modifications), and, for those who don’t have enough social networking in their lives, there’s an option to share recipes with a community of “TasteBuds.” But what we like most about Yummly is its expansive, 250,000-and-growing recipe database culled from top culinary sites, such as Epicurious, The Food Network and Chow.

Reported by AP:
An Orange County inmate who disliked salami was able to receive kosher meals in jail after his lawyer cited the “Seinfeld” holiday Festivus as his religious belief. The Orange County Register reported Monday that Malcolm A. King, 38, a convicted drug dealer, asked for kosher meals at the Theo Lacy jail in Orange to maintain his physique. County sheriff’s officials reserve such meals for inmates with religious needs, so a judge demanded a religious reason for Mr. King to get the meals. Mr. King’s lawyer, Fred Thiagarajah, cited his client’s devotion to Festivus, the holiday celebrated on the “Seinfeld” series. A sheriff’s spokesman, Ryan Burris, said Mr. King got salami-free meals for two months before the county got the order thrown out in court.

Reported by CNN:
With unemployment near 10% and foreclosures ongoing, more Americans are relying on food banks, institutions that are usually regarded as a last resort, food security experts said. Feeding America, an organization of more than 200 U.S. food banks, fed 37 million Americans in 2009, nearly a 50% jump from 2006. These families face a never-ending treadmill of tough decisions. Do they use their income — if they have one — to pay their mortgage or feed themselves? Do they pay for a hospital visit or put dinner on the table?

Reported by Ben Weinberg at http://unfilteredunfined.com/?p=1135:
Colorado has a lot to offer including world-class skiing, top-notch food, terrific weather and a frontier, cowboy-up sort of attitude. Now you can add great wine to that list.
Recommended Colorado wines:
Sutcliffe Vineyards Chardonnay 2008
BookCliff Vineyards Chardonnay 2008
The Infinite Monkey Theorem Rosé 2009
Woody Creek Cellars Tempranillo 2008
Canyon Wind Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2005
Two Rivers Port 2006
BookCliff Vineyards Orange Muscat Late Harvest Allegretto 2005

Complaints, tirades, comments, critiques? lehndorffj@aol.com
John Lehndorff is co-author with Kim Long of the American Salumi Calendar 2011, the first calendar devoted to cured meat artisans in the U.S. Lehndorff is a former caterer, nationally distributed newspaper food columnist and restaurant critic, author of a restaurant guide book, and one of America’s foremost pie experts.

The 2011 American Salumi Calendar: www.americansalumi.com
Kind words about the American Salumi Calendar 2011 from the Denver Post:
Early nomination for the best calendar of 2011: The American Salumi Calendar, masterminded by Front Range foodie (and former Rocky scribe) John Lehndorff. Each month features glam shots of preserved meats and cured sausagesfrom salami to coppa to pancetta. Bonus: An American Salumi Centerfold. Cost: $12.95 plus postage. Stock up for holiday gifts at americansalumi.com

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