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2011 FOOD TRENDS: Bao takes a bow; the new heirloom food artisans; ‘an unhealthy obsession’; Old World salumi;

Nibbles is a compendium of food, dining and beverage information and trends from the U.S. and the world edited by John Lehndorff (www.JohnLehndorff.com)

Reported by: http://www.csnews.com/top-story-food_and_beverage_trends_for_2010-57758.html:
Packaged Facts and the Center for Culinary Development (CCD) put together the “Culinary Trend Mapping Report,” a bi-monthly journal, on the overall food and beverage trends that shaped 2010. The overall themes included Back to Basics, Artisan Upgrades, Healthful Eating and Regional and Global Flavor Adventure. The following are 10 of the top food trends for 2010:
Gourmet-On-The-Go: Street food was on fire this year, made by cooks and chefs of all stripes.
“Fine Fast” Sandwich Shops: These gourmet sandwich shops took the art of sandwich-making seriously.
Boutique Booze : Boutique booze was all the rage in 2010, from bars that specialize in a single type of liquor to festivals that celebrate spirits made by independent producers.
Condiments, Preserved Foods & Heirloom Produce : A rising number of passionate people took food back to its roots, literally. They grew produce from heirloom seeds, revived the art of home canning and made condiments and preserved products of all kinds. This resulted in new thriving DIY communities as this new wave of artisans found outlets for their products at craft and farmers markets, online and at specialty retail stores.
Parisian Macarons : This delicious and multi-hued Parisian pastry, composed of two ground-almond meringue cookies bound with buttercream, ganache or jam filling, is like a couture Oreo.
Bahn Mi & Bao
Butchery : Butchers stole the headlines this year, acting as unexpected emissaries of the heritage meat and artisan trends that came together to renew popular demand for handcut meat. With the upsurge in production and consumption of high-quality meat, young and aspiring foodies flocked to butchery demonstrations, ready to get their hands bloody (literally) to feel closer to the sources of their food.
Agave Nectar
Eggs All Day : More than ever, the egg is being placed front and center as a food that is inexpensive, healthful (protein-rich or low-fat if only egg whites), and adaptable, whether for a sandwich or wrap, to accompany a salad, on a pizza, mixed with pasta … and the list goes on.
Better Burgers

Reported by: http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/food/ct-live-1227-foodie-backlash-20101227,0,3814934,full.story:
“Every weekend now we have people in here who are photographing their food. I mean, it’s nuts. This whole foodie ideology where people are always talking about their food and worrying about food and where everything on their plate is from — I’m tired of it. I feel like an existential drag saying that. But going out with friends now means eating with picky people. Everyone likes good food. This is an unhealthy obsession.” – Chef Kim Dalton

Q&A with Kelly Liken, Top Chef contestant and chef/owner of eponymously named eatery in in Vail, Colorado, reported at:
“I just found this salumi maker in Denver, Il Mondo Vecchio. The guy’s name is Mark and he makes like 25 different kinds of salumi from pork and beef and lamb and all of his animals are sourced as locally as he can possibly get them. Most are Colorado or Rocky Mountain animals. He’s making the stuff in super Old World ways. I never tasted salumi like this. It’s amazing.”

Reported by: http://www.dailymail.co.uk:
“I can’t tell my Mrs what to do. She’s not interested if I see her chopping dodgily, probably because our relationship works is because she doesn’t see me as any kind of expert at cooking or anything like that. I tell her it’s great but to be honest it’s fairly hideous.” – Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver

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John Lehndorff is co-author with Kim Long of the American Salumi Calendar 2011, the first calendar devoted to cured meat artisans in the U.S. Lehndorff is a former caterer, nationally distributed newspaper food columnist and restaurant critic, author of a restaurant guide book, and one of America’s foremost pie experts.

The 2011 American Salumi Calendar: www.americansalumi.com

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