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Rapper Coolio cooks up a timely book

The latest addition to my cookbook collection is one researchers will study a century from now to glean essential clues about how we lived in the 2000s. At first I was prepared to dismiss Cookin with Coolio (Astria) as just another novelty cookbook from a celebrity cook, in this case the rapper Coolio. Recipe names like “Drunk Ass Chicken,” chapter titles like “Appetizers For That Ass,” and ingredients like “1 dime bag salt” were not encouraging signs.

The thing is, if you read through the bull there’s tons of good, solid cooking advice and some great simple recipes from Coolio who also has a catering company.

Cooking with Coolio has assumed a coveted spot on a special bookshelf with certain other prize cookbooks including
Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine (Simon & Shuster)
In the Kitchen With Miss Piggy (Time Life Books)
Elvis in Hollywood: Recipes Fit for a King (Rutledge Hill): Recipes include Bacon and Egg Salad.
Eat Drink and Be Kinky (Simon & Shuster): Recipes include Ratso’s White Castle Omelet.
The Down Home Trailer Park Cookbook (Writers Club Press): Recipe include Sweet and Sour Wienies.
Can You Take the Heat? The WWF Is Cooking (ReganBooks) – Recipes include: Stone Cold’s Stomp a Mud Hole in Your Steaks and Ribs Simmering Sauce.

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