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Bring in the komatsuna; Power of hedonic eating; Another burger chain

Reported by http://online.wsj.com:
Scientists are using sophisticated brain-imaging technology to understand how the lure of delicious food can overwhelm the body’s built-in mechanism to regulate hunger and fullness, what’s called “hedonic” versus “homeostatic” eating. … One thing is clear: Obese people react much more hedonistically to sweet, fat-laden food in the pleasure and reward circuits of the brain than healthy-weight people do. Simply seeing pictures of tempting food can light up the pleasure-seeking areas of obese peoples’ brains. In short, successful weight losers seemed to have having second thoughts about eating on impulse, says Dr. Del Parigi. “These people see a piece of pie that is very inviting, but they think, ‘No, I have to diet. Otherwise, I will become obese again. I will suppress that pleasure,’ “ he says.

Reported at: http://smartblogs.com/restaurants/2010/06/28/top-trends-on-tap-for-chains-health-value-and-breakfast/
Maeve E. Webster, director of research and consulting at Datassential says: In the fast-casual and quickservice industries, innovation will continue to include ethnic flavors and formats presented both traditionally/authentically and in re-invented traditional American items. Health and wellness will continue to impact both segments, but the emphasis will be more on nutrition and balance rather than dieting and weight loss. Finally, both segments will be facing increased competition from the growing fleet of food trucks that are raising the bar on convenience.”

Reported by www.chicagobusiness.com:
The one-time architect of McDonald’s Corp.’s Arch Deluxe is launching a new, high-end burger chain. Edward Rensi, who led McDonald’s U.S. business in the 1990s, and Tom Dentice, a former McDonald’s executive vice-president, are aiming to tap into the fast-growing trend toward pricier hamburgers. The first Tom & Eddie’s is scheduled to open at Yorktown Mall in Lombard next month. The duo hopes more locations will follow. Rensi and Dentice spent the last year developing a menu featuring 100% Angus burgers with toppings such as fried egg, Gouda cheese and peppers. They’ve also developed burgers made with ahi tuna, turkey and edamame. Chicken sandwiches, beer, wine, milkshakes, salads and sweet potato fries are also on the menu.

Reported by http://www.boulderfarmers.org:
Boulder County farmers are now harvesting now: cherries, peaches, Peaches & Cream corn, fava beans, squash blossoms, gooseberries, lemon cucumbers, Bull’s Blood beets, kohlrabi, Purple Dragon carrots, komatsuna, leeks and turnips.

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