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Let them eat ‘pake;’ EU tolerates camel’s milk; 12 million breakfasts

Nibbles is a compendium of food, dining and beverage information from the U.S. and the world edited by John Lehndorff.

Reported by www.thisiswhyyourefat.com:
Click on this site to see a “pake,” a pie inside a cake. It’s a lemon-vanilla cake with blueberry preserves, strawberry pie, and cream cheese frosting.

Reported by www.telegraph.co.uk:
It tastes salty, comes from an ill-tempered and malodorous animal and is unlikely to improve a bowl of cornflakes. But camel’s milk could be the latest superfood to hit shop shelves as producers seek permission to sell it in Britain for the first time. High in Vitamin C and low in fat it is also more digestible than cow’s milk and suitable for the lactose-intolerant. The European Commission has provisionally approved plans by two Middle Eastern camel farms to export the milk to Britain.

Craig Dixon, executive chef at Denver’s Cafe Options, which is a real restaurant as well as a training ground for women in the Work Options for Women program, quoted in Westword:

Animal fat is where it’s at. You can’t fake butter. Humans have survived for thousands of years eating animals. Why try to find a substitute for something that’s so versatile and has worked so long?”

Food News Digest: Sales at U.S. convenience stores increased 1.5% last year to about $10.4 billion, according to Technomic. … NPD’s foodservice market research shows that for the year ending March 2010, there were over 12 billion morning meals served at U.S. restaurants, and 80 percent of restaurant morning meals were purchased from quick service restaurants. … … According to the SmartBlog on Restaurants, Denny’s Rockstar Menu features items created by popular bands. Hoobastank’s The Hooburrito involves chicken strips, fried onion straws, barbecue sauce and cheese with a side of cheese sauce, while Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold Cherry Chocolate Cappuccino comes with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, french vanilla cappuccino and cherries.

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