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Extra virgin wieners; Singing servers leave bad taste; Organic less important

Nibbles is a compendium of food, dining and beverage information from the U.S. and the world edited by John Lehndorff.

Reported by http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/:
Barbecues may see a healthier sausage this summer as Spanish scientists show that pork fat may be replaced by emulsified olive oil without changing the taste of the hot dog. An olive oil-in-water emulsion was found to partially replace pork back without changing the colour or taste of the frankfurter, according to Food Research International.

You’ll know that the word “salumi” and the meaty goodness it represents has truly entered the American consciousness when you see a Sopressata-mobile. Photo: Kim Long, American Forecaster

Reported by http://www.innovations-report.com:
New research led by a University of Illinois marketing expert, Cele Otnes, finds that businesses that reate rituals that center on consumers can set themselves apart, but it can also backfire. “Not all customers want to be entertained,” she said. “Some just want to escape and be left alone. So the bottom line here is that businesses really need to consider their target audience before creating rituals that are effectively forced on people.” The study examined rituals that are embedded into service practices, creating a virtually mandatory branding tool that seeks to deal businesses a unique drawing card but gives customers little chance to opt out. Workers in costume, polished performances and glitzy accouterments were among ritual aesthetics that made customers feel special and cemented a positive impression of the business, surveys of more than 150 college-aged consumers found. Some consumers surveyed said that being forced to participate in rituals violated their sense of privacy and left them feeling hemmed in, embarrassed or even resentful, the study found.

Reported by http://www.mediapost.com:
A survey of Market Force’s network of more than 300,000 independent and primarily female mystery shoppers and merchandisers confirms consumers’ growing concern about nutrition and weight issues, 42% ranked restaurant disclosure of nutritional and caloric information as “very” important, and 45% as “somewhat” important. The importance of restaurants’ use of organic ingredients is considered far less important — in fact, its importance is now ranked lower than it was six months ago. Organic is now considered very important by 24%, somewhat important by 55% and not at all important by 21%. The importance of use of locally grown ingredients/foods was ranked very important by 24%, somewhat important by 55% and not at all important by 21%.

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