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The First Foodies influence; social media & restaurants

Fresh squid at H-Mart in Aurora, CO. Photo: Kim Long, American Forecaster

Reported by http://francetoday.com/articles/2010/07/07/the_new_auberge.html:
“My sea bass carpaccio in two sauces—foamy buttermilk and orange-and-apricot coulis-was served with roasted and raw asparagus and a salad of mustard cress and nasturtiums; it was as pretty to contemplate as it was delicious to eat. A terrine of tête de cochon was brilliantly garnished with fava beans and lemon-marinated squid rolled in a slice of country ham. And Guérin’s fresh goat cheese soufflé with Moroccan-inspired, cinnamon-marinated carrots and oranges, served with carrot-apricot sorbet, was one of the best desserts I’ve had in a long time.”

Reported by the Los Angeles Times:
The day after the June 24 burger summit, another Obama set off a flurry of excitement in a Washington-area restaurant. Michelle Obama was lunching at Proof, a popular spot near Chinatown. Within minutes, the world had the details: shrimp burger topped with jalapeno, shaved cucumber and pickled daikon; a glass of Martinelli Chardonnay; and chocolate bread pudding. The lunch capped off a fairly typical month in the food life of this White House. In early June, the first lady invited the best-known chefs in the country to the South Lawn in an effort to bring healthier food to lunchrooms. A week later the president headed to the Gulf of Mexico and lunched at a seaside seafood restaurant in an endorsement of the oil-spill-threatened tourism industry. Meanwhile, the first lady and her daughters’ vacation in Los Angeles included slow-roasted lamb at Lucques, hot dogs at Pink’s and pizza at Osteria Mozza.

Reported by http://www.mediapost.com:
25% of consumers surveyed during May and June by Market Force Information indicated that they plan to increase their eating-out occasions over the next three months. Just 8% of consumers are now indicating that fear about the economy will cause them to eat out less often in coming months. The results confirm social media’s increasingly critical role in communicating with restaurant patrons. About half now indicate that they sometimes read online reviews and blog and tweet about restaurants. In the past 30 days, almost one in two had read an online review, blogged or tweeted about a restaurant to get a recommendation, and 13% had posted an online review after dining out.

Craig Dixon, chef of Cafe Options in Denver, quoted at: http://blogs.westword.com/cafesociety/2010/07/lori_midson_craig_dixon_execut.php?page=1
“People put too much value in Yelp-type restaurant reviews, especially the negative reviews, which are so overvalued. The reviews are great as a guideline for getting a general overview of a restaurant, but I take the majority of the reviews with a grain of salt, if for no other reason than so many of them are factually wrong.”

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