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Edible greetings; The secret is onion sandwiches; R.I.P. Big ‘N’ Tasty; Well-done defense

Nibbles is a compendium of food, dining and beverage information from the U.S. and the world edited by John Lehndorff (www.johnlehndorff.com)

Reported by the Associated Press:
American Greetings Corp. on Monday announced the launch of Tasties, a line of cards that come with dissolvable flavor strips meant to be eaten by the recipients. The Cleveland-based company says each sealed strip offers a “tasty surprise” that corresponds to the message on the card. For example, a card that features the image of a cupcake and a line about birthdays providing an excuse to eat cake comes with an insert made to taste like a cupcake. Other cards in the series come with the flavors that include a doughnut and a margarita.

Reported by Susan Burton at Slate.com:
“I prefer my meat cooked through, gray, no trace of pink. Shoe leather? To me that signifies “food safety.” Mine is the hockey-puck, the charcoal, the hunk of tuna that is still on the grill. Gourmands consider well-done timid, even cranky. It’s the gradation of people who don’t really like to eat. So at a restaurant, I wouldn’t humiliate myself by ordering seared tuna, well-done; I just wouldn’t order the seared tuna at all. Nor would I choose hanger steak or even a really thick fish like halibut that might come out still glistening. My pride is not the only issue: If the chef thinks the dish should be rare, far be it from me to suggest an edit. Also, I’ve read enough kitchen dirt—waiter blogs, Anthony Bourdain memoirs—to know that diners who ask for well-done are answered with filets that have been loogied on. So I gravitate toward entrees that will fall off the bone: short ribs, osso buco, pork shoulder. That these dishes are substantial proves my culinary cred—shows that I’m not the skinny girl who nibbles and picks.”

Reported by AP:
REDLANDS, Calif. — It wasn’t snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night that stopped Chester Arthur Reed from his appointed round. The mail handler just felt it was time to call it quits at age 95, even though he was still working 12-hour shifts. The fork lift operator retired Wednesday as the nation’s oldest postal worker, ending a career without taking a single sick day. It’s a feat he attributes to a healthy diet. He believes in drinking alkaline water, to minimize acids that can damage digestive system, and eating sandwiches made “with a lot of mayonnaise and get a big slice of onion” because the vegetable is closely related to garlic, one of the healthiest foods you can eat, he said. “If everyone in the nation ate watermelons, they’d get rid of all the doctors,” Reed said.

Reported by the Chicago Tribune:
The expansive McDonald’s menu is undergoing a makeover. In a memo sent to franchisees, the Oak Brook, Il.-based chain signaled the impending demise of the Big N’ Tasty, Mac Snack Wraps and the fruit and walnut salad, among other items. At the same time, McDonald’s is gearing up for a planned national rollout in January of an oatmeal breakfast, currently being test-marketed. According to the memo, dated June 24, the Mac Snack Wrap will be off the menu by August, supplanted by Angus Snack Wraps. The fruit and walnut salad will be phased out later this year. The last call for scattered aficionados of the Big N’ Tasty — a knockoff of the Burger King Whopper —is set for Sept. 1.

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John Lehndorff is a Boulder, Co.-based food trend researcher, food writer and consultant. He is a former caterer, nationally distributed newspaper food columnist and restaurant critic, author of a restaurant guide book, and one of America’s foremost pie experts.


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