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2010 FOOD TRENDS: Laughing gas soda; lulo coconut water; kvas is coming

Korby Kummer at www.Atlantic.com:
“I believe that a restaurant critic has an enormous field to write about, including the farmers, cooks, and food producers around it, the cultural life of the city, food fashions, the role of small businesspeople versus large corporations … the list is long.”

Reported by the Associated Press:
ALBANY, N.Y. — An Albany bar owner is now charged in the beating of Times Union food writer Steve Barnes.
Timothy Rankins, owner of the Envy Lounge, was arraigned Friday morning, accused of having associates beat up Barnes as he left a restaurant back in October 2008. Jason Spiegel, a professional fighter from Troy, was charged Thursday in taking part in the attack.

Datamonitor claims relaxation drinks are taking their first steps in the European market with new products featuring herbal remedies and, more unusually, laughing gas. With stress levels running high in the wake of the economic crisis, the market research firm says there is considerable interest in products that help people unwind. As a general rule, the analyst added that “relaxation drinks from different brands share a lot of common ingredients, more so than energy drinks.” One striking exception is a new sparkling water from Russian manufacturer Sunrise Innovation OOO that contains laughing gas. Marketed as a safer way to overcome flight anxiety than drinking alcohol, the new product contains a patented mix of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide or laughing gas.

Coca -Cola has started selling kvas in New York in hope of winning over the American palate to the mildly fermented Russian drink with a peculiar crisp malt taste.Krushka & Bochka Kvass, which Coca-Cola launched in Russia in the spring of 2008, went on sale in Whole Foods Market stores last week. While kvas resembles beer and shocks foreigners who see children drinking large bottles of it on billboards, the drink with alcohol content of up to 1.5 percent is widely embraced as a symbol of Russian hospitality and has been drunk for more than a thousand years and Moscow alone hosts about 200 kvas producers. A Coca-Cola spokesman said Russian sales of Krushka & Bochka Kvass had surpassed expectations last year. In the United States, the kvas will sell in 0.5-liter bottles (16.9 ounces) in contrast with the 1.5-liter bottles in Russia because the taste is new to Americans. Coca-Cola, however, is not the first company to export kvas to the United States. Last year, Baltika started selling its kvas brand Granary Land in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida and California, while Russian producer Deka has sold its Nikola kvas in the United States since 2005, Vedomosti reported. Still, he said, kvas might find a niche like kombucha tea, a fermented tea sold for medicinal purposes in the United States.

Reported by the Associated Press:
It wasn’t the sort of celebratory vodka toast Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is probably used to, but in America, a cheeseburger and Coke is a fitting subsitute. So that’s how Medvedev and President Barack Obama marked what both leaders agree is a successful reset in their two country’s relationship — over a shared fast food lunch on June 24 at a popular hamburger place just outside Washington called Ray’s Hell Burger. As the leaders walked back to the motorcade under a blazing Washington sun after their fast-food lunch, Medvedev observed, “Probably it’s not quite healthy, but it’s very tasty, and you can feel the spirit of America.”

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