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Sacha Inchi are hot nuts; Al fresco objection; High-def Doritos; $6,514 on food & drink

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Reported by Tastingtable.com:
Earthy, nutlike Sacha Inchi seeds are harvested in the Amazon rain forest and possesses a vegetal flavor and natural saltiness. The “Incan peanuts” – the richest meat-free source of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 – are sold roasted, sugar-sweetened and tamari-seasoned by TerrAmazon (the company that also popularized goji berries and Himalayan salt).

By Mitch Albom in Parade magazine:
“Why are we so fascinated with open-air dining? Cows have been doing it for years – but maybe cows don’t know any better. … We leave the comdort of a climate-controlled, gently lit indoor restaurant to sit in 90-degree, humid sunshine that makes us squint. Doesn’t matter. We’re outside! … Eating outside is mostly an art that Martha Stewart or folks in English countryside understand and the rest of us badly imitate. But hey, it’s that time of year. So enjoy yourselves.”

Reported by the Wall Street Journal:
The Doritos consumer likes action-packed video games and late-night partying and wants that extreme experience to translate to the chips as well. So, its new First-, Second- and Third-Degree Burn chip varieties are made with jalapeno, buffalo and habanero flavors, respectively. “Consumers expect more from a flavor. It’s kind of like moving from regular TV to high-def TV,” says Stephen Kalil, corporate executive research chef at Frito-Lay’s Culinary Innovation Center. Kalil helps brainstorm new flavors. Sweet and Spicy Doritos is an Asian-inspired product with soy, garlic and ginger flavors.

Reported by Bundle:
Bundle, a social money comparison site, released its inaugural annual consumer spending report: “The Average American Household Spent $37,782 in 2009. Last year, U.S. residents averaged $8,668 on shopping, $6,514 on food & drink, $8,026 on health and family expenses, $5,477 on getting around, $2,699 on travel and leisure, and $6,398 on house and home expenses.

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