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FOOD TRENDS: A pig improvement; Artisanal vs. local; private label boom

Reported by wsj.com:
“This is the beginning of a lard-type fat revolution in this country,” said Heath Putnam, whose company Wooly Pigs was the first U.S. importer of highly prized Mangalitsa pigs from Hungary.
See the pig: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704717004575268624163815934.html?mod=dist_smartbrief

Reported by Reuters:
Eating processed meat increases the likelihood of heart disease, while red meat does not seem to be as harmful, a study suggests. A Harvard University team which looked at studies involving over one million people found just 50g of processed meat a day also raised the risk of diabetes. Writing in the journal Circulation, the researchers speculated that the difference may be explained by the salt and preservatives added to any meat preserved by smoking, curing or salting and includes bacon, sausages, salami and other luncheon meats.

(For more on salumi: http://curedmeats.blogspot.com)

Reported by Supermarket News:
Name brands beware! Costco Wholesale says it will extend its private label Kirkland Signature line with the goal of bringing store-brand sales to 37%. Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Richard Galanti would not specify what products will be added, but said “we’re prepared to try everything.”

Reported by the Los Angeles Times:
“The artisanal food movement has added delicious, high-quality food to the national palate, but how does it affect the communities in which it is produced? What happens when artisanal products become too expensive for regular folks, the people who have always enjoyed them? … Here’s another: What does it mean when much of the food is shipped far away to New York, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles? Artisanal food is regional, local food. How big can an artisanal company get before it is too big, expanding beyond the ability of the region to sustain it?”

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