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Austin’s big food spenders; spud rings beat fries; Morton’s banks on burgers

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Reported by walletpop.com:
As a follow up to the Top Spending U.S. Cities report recently issued, Bundle.com has compiled the data to find the top spending U.S. cities when it comes to food and drink. The new report found that Austin, Texas, tops that list and once again, Detroit is at the bottom. To determine the food and drink spending, Bundle looked at grocery and restaurant purchases from 2009 and determined that the U.S. average for percentage of money spent on eating out is 37%; a number that Atlanta easily beats with its record high of 57% of food and drink spending happening out on the town.

Top 10 Spending U.S. cities, on food and drink: Austin, TX – $12,447; Arlington, VA – $11,598; San Jose, CA – $10,419; Raleigh, NC – $10,086; Durham, NC – $10,064; Washington, DC – $10,049; Irvine, CA – $9,997; Nashville, TN – $9,680; Scottsdale, AZ – $9,627; and San Francisco, CA – $9,323.

Reported by nutraingredients.com:
Frying potato rings rather than straight strips produces fries with less oil, lower levels of acrylamide, less salt, and better taste, says a new study from the US. According to findings published in the Journal of Food Science, potato strips required longer drying and frying times in order to achieve the same colour and flavour as potato rings, which increased levels of acrylamide by 163 per cent. Furthermore, upon processing the rings absorbed 22 per cent less oil, contained 26 per cent less salt, and were considered superior from a sensory perspective.

To see the anatomy of a Goldfish (both cracker and real) visit:

Reported by USA Today:
At the upper end of the restaurant scale, Morton’s shuttered seven of its restaurants last year, leaving 76 outlets nationwide. Sales recently turned positive, but same-store sales tumbled 19.5% last year compared with 2008.
That helps explain why one of the most popular new deals at the chain known for its $50 steaks is $5 food and $4 beer at the bar. “It doesn’t have to be $95 a throw every time,” says CEO Christopher Artinian. Folks can eat and drink at a Morton’s bar “for about 20 bucks.”

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