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Denver pie revival; Simulated ketchup chips; $2 billion online

Ketchup-flavored Lays Potato Chips purchased in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada - Photo: Hans Lehndorff

Reported by Amanda Faison in her May 4 Table Talk blog for 5280 magazine in Denver:
Trendspotting: The Rise of Pie
While cupcakes are still hot commodities (ahem, the Denver Cupcake Truck), we’re turning our sights to the next trend in pastry: pie. This homey treat is gaining traction across the country–and Denver is no exception. Note the recent bake-off between Marczyk Fine Foods and WaterCourse Foods; the full displays of flaky crusted pies at bakeries such as Cake, Mermaids, and Living the Sweet Life; and individual slices of apple pie at Bang!, pecan at the Q Worldly Barbeque, and banana “crème brûlée” at Root Down. Bonus: Keegan Gerhard and Lisa Bailey of D Bar Desserts are steadily working toward opening up a pie shop. And we look forward to tasting the apple pie from Showboat’s Drive by Pie in Granby–the news of which has trickled down the hill. Mark our words: Pie is the next cupcake.

Reported by John Lehndorff:
The thing that caught my eye was the crowd of language (English and French) on the package of Lay’s Ketchup Potato Chips I found in Canada. In particular: “Simulated Flavour/ Saveur Simulee.” And the taste: Initially the buds are smashed with tartness followed by traditional chip crunch and then a faded memory of tomato, too sweet and too salty. It tasted like the cheap generic ketchup in the squeeze packs at convenience stores, only not as good. However, having mindlessly consumed too many of these chips as research, I can report a strong craving for an ice-cold Molson.

A sign of the times reported by American Business Journals:
Papa John’s Pizza has sold more than $2 billion in food online since activating its Web-based ordering feature in 2001. Recent website improvements including a Spanish-language version and a mobile app have helped ramp up online sales, the company says.

Kind words about this blog from the Denver Post:
“Lehndorff’s food for thought: Former Rocky Mountain News food writer John Lehndorff is keeping close track of local and national trends on his blog, Nibbles (johnlehndorff.wordpress.com). He scours the trades and trend reports so you don’t have to. Find out what we’re eating, and what the rest of the country is eating, all through Lehndorff’s winning perspective.”

Complaints, tirades, comments, critiques? lehndorffj@aol.com

John Lehndorff is hosting Radio Nibbles, a new, weekly program focused on food, cooking and dining in Denver and Boulder. The show airs at 8:25 a.m. Thursdays on KGNU – 88.5 FM in Boulder, 1390 AM in Denver, and online at http://www.kgnu.org/.

Visit: http://www.johnlehndorff.com

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