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Tea and monatin; Salumi & Batali; meat price rise

Nibbles is a compendium of food, dining and beverage information from the U.S. and the world edited by John Lehndorff

Reported by Nutraingredients.com:
Patents filed by PepsiCo and Cargill reveal they are exploring new sources of natural sweeteners derived from oats and monatin, a naturally-occurring substance found in a plant grown in South Africa. Unlike some other intense sweeteners, monatin has no bitter metallic, acidic or astringent aftertaste, claims Cargill. It is also more stable than aspartame, has a cleaner taste than saccharin, is sweeter than sucralose and does not have the ‘licorice’ aftertaste sometimes associated with stevia-based sweeteners, according to the firm. By value, aspartame is still the clear market leader with an estimated 44% of the global intense sweeteners market, ahead of sucralose (with 17% of the market), stevia (14%), acesulfame K (10%) and cyclamate (9%).

Ajc.com asked chef Mario Batali:
Q: So many chefs are making their own salumi now — something your father, Armandino Batali, was doing long before it was trendy. Do you think it’s oversaturated?
A. No. As long as it’s good and healthy, it can’t be too saturated. I love that people have learned how to do it. There’s a real satisfaction for a chef in doing things that people can’t do at home. That’s what I want when I go out. I don’t want a piece of nicely grilled tuna with a little salsa verde. I want a choucroute garni or a lasagna. Something that takes a lot of effort to make.

Bloomberg reports:

U.S. cattle and hog farmers have cut their herds, setting the stage for a surge in meat prices as demand resumes with the improving economy. Wholesale pork prices have increased as much as 25% this month, and beef is up 22% this year.

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