FOOD TRENDS: ‘Flame-fresh’ technology; Thoughtful carnivore; Fried heart; Regrettable food gallery

Reported by fesmag.com:

Burger King Corporation rolled out a new broiler to almost all of its restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. With 95,000 BTUs of power, the new system can cook up to 12 patties simultaneously at varying temperatures and protein types. This new model within a more compact footprint is expected to reduce restaurant gas consumption by 52 percent, and electricity consumption by 90 percent. This proprietary model features undisclosed technology to enhance the “flame-fresh” taste of the burgers.

Meanwhile, Australia-based Popcake plans to introduce its line of automatic pancake machines to the U.S.. It already is used by theme parks, zoos, hotels, airline lounges, and other foodservice operations throughout Australia and Europe. The machine uses a 780 gram bag of proprietary, customizable pancake mix to create sweet pancake variations for breakfast, desserts and snacks as well as a higher-fiber buckwheat pancakes and savory ones that operators can use as wraps for sandwiches.

Reported by the Washington Post:

Temple Grandin lives in Fort Collins, Colo., where she is a professor of animal science at Colorado State University. Her work inspired by her autism designing cattle pens and corrals revolutionized slaughterhouses in the 1970s and ’80s.

“I’m not (a vegetarian). In fact, if I don’t eat a certain amount of animal protein, I get headachy. But I feel very strongly that we’ve got to give animals a good life. None of those cattle would have lived if it wasn’t for us. We bred those cattle, and since we bred those cattle, we owe them a decent life. And another thing that people forget is that nature can be very harsh. Wolves rip the guts out of things and eat it while it’s still alive. People over-romanticize nature.” 

Reported by 5280 magazine:

 Elise Wiggins, executive chef at Denver’s Panzano restaurant, has partnered with Bear Mountain Ranch in Genesee (the facilities were designed by famed animal-welfare advocate Temple Grandin) to bring diners the freshest and most sustainable locally raised beef possible. And not only that, she’s made it her delicious mission to use every last ounce of each 1,200-pound carcass in: Boiled tongue with deconstructed salsa verde; Fried heart with Marsala and mushrooms;  Braised beef shank and potato ravioli; Tripe with tomato stew; Liver pan-fried with onions and polenta; Grilled kidneys with anchovy butter; Oxtail soup with pesto; Bone marrow with parsley salad; and cowboy-cut rib-eye, sirloin, porterhouse, skirt and flatiron steaks.

Reported by John Lehndorff:

Take a walk down the collective gustatory memory lane at www.lileks.com/institute/gallery/index.html. The Gallery of Regrettable Food features recipes with period photographs and illustrations from food pamphlets of the 1940s through ’60s for dishes such as Ham Basted with 7-Up, Coffee Jell-O and Beanee-Weenees Western-style.

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