2010 TRENDS: Loser lettuce; Tony vs. Alice; Costco sea cucumbers; seaweed caviar

Reported by Mark Bittman, New York Times:

“Enter, or re-enter, the loser lettuces, romaine and — dare I suggest it — iceberg, two standbys available in every supermarket in the country, and are especially useful through winter and spring, as we wait for the first of the local greens (and local, real mesclun) to arrive.”

Reported by the Los Angeles Times:

“It’s a moral issue for me,” (Alice Waters) said. “Everyone on this planet deserves to eat food that’s really nourishing and produced in a way that is fair to the people who produce it.” … “Alice Waters annoys the living . . . . out of me,” Anthony Bourdain, the chef and television host, told the Washington lifestyle blog DCist.com last year. “There’s something very Khmer Rouge about Alice Waters . . . I’m suspicious of orthodoxy when it comes to what you put in your mouth.”

Reported by the Wall Street Journal:

Inside (the Costco store in Taipei) are aisles of merchandise stacked floor-to-ceiling. But mixed in with such familiar U.S. products as Tide detergent and Pepperidge Farm cookies are local favorites such as sea cucumber, mahjong sets, and stewed and braised beef noodle soup. The Taipei store’s top bakery item is bagels, which use dough imported from New York. The store sells 54,000 a week. Its Kirkland brand beef steak is thinly sliced to satisfy local preferences for hot-pot meat. Fish are sold whole instead of filleted. And in the food court: Peking duck pizza.

Reported by Alimentaria 2010

The recent Alimentaria food show in Barcelona succeeded in bringing in 140,542 professionals, 8% more than initial forecasts, with close to 4,000 exhibitor companies. Over the course of the week at Fira de Barcelona, Alimentaria presented the latest from the industry including: chocolate cheese, sparkling wine with edible gold, oxygenated water, seaweed caviar, antioxidant green coffees, tapas with seaweed, chocolates with Cabrales cheese, ham for sushi, and Aztec walnuts. 

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