The Pie Party offers sharing alternative to narcissistic, hot beverage movement

A compendium of food, dining and beverage information from the U.S. and the world

Photo by Kim Long, American Forecaster

A sign-holder at a March 31 Tea Party thing in Denver makes the mistake, metaphorically, of trying to dunk pie in tea which as we know always results in a dissolved mushy mess at the bottom of the cup.   

Tea party wisdom:  “The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday –but never jam today.” – Lewis Carroll.

Pie party wisdom: “You’ll have pie in the sky when you die.”  – Labor organizer Joe Hill

Conclusion: Join The Pie Party.  Gather folks around a table and feed them good pie and coffee and work things out.

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Kind words about this blog in the March 31 Denver Post Food section:

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