2010 FOOD TRENDS: Zombie bacon; Kentuckyaki; hot dog pizza; desalinization

Available for $13.95 at www.midwesthuntersoutlet.com:

 The ultimate tactical accessory, the new Tactical Bacon from CMMG is simply amazing. Kept in an aluminum can for a shelf life of 10 plus years, it is more affordable than other pre-cooked bacon producers. … perfect for camping trips, survival situations, a snack at the range, zombie attacks, and many other apocalyptic scenarios. Able to be eaten cold, or heated up. Ingredients: Pork, water, salt, sugar, smoke flavoring, sodium phosphates and sodium erythorbate.  

 Reported by MediaPostNews.com:

The fast-food breakfast market gets a LOT more competitive on Monday when Subway rolls out its a.m. menu in nearly all of its 23,000 U.S. locations as of April 5. The menu includes customizable omelet sandwiches reportedly using cage-free eggs, pleasing animal rights organizations) plus cheese, meat (including bacon and steak) on flatbread, English muffin or  sub breads. Prices range from $1.75 for muffin melts to $6 for foot-longs.

 More N.Y. Hot Dog News from New York Magazine:

Txikito’s lunch menu features “perrito noisette,”  a grilled brown-buttered hot dog in natural casing. Jollibee offers its Filipino-style spaghetti in hot-dog-studded red sauce. Gus & Gabriel make their own hot dog’s.  Sliceria’s “Wurstel Pizza” offers Nathan’s dogs on a classic Neapolitan pie.

Available in addition to bourbon-smoked pepper at http://bourbonbarrelfoods.com:

Just in time for grilling, Bourbon Barrel Foods is offering Kentuckyaki, a sauce  and marinade made with bourbon, ginger and garlic and sweetened with sorghum.

Reported by Food-Navigator.com:

 Food giant Kraft Foods has announced it will reduce the sodium content of its entire North American product portfolio by an average of 10 percent over the next two years.

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Eat In Eat Out: Food trend forecast 2010: http://americanforecaster.com/


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