Is Chipotle “adventurous?” Getcha XO sausage dog here; The Pizza Party protests tax

A compendium of food, dining and beverage trend information from the U.S. and the world

Reported by foodtrends.com:

The top food brands that appeal to Americans with adventurous tastes are Chipotle, Naked Juice, El Monterey and Jamba Juice, according to the TNS Landis US Consumption Universe across the food and beverage landscape which took 270 consumer food, snack and beverage brands into account. It identifies two consumer segments, “Culinary Enthusiasts” and “Upbeat Food Explorers,” who are highly motivated by the exploration and discovery of new and exotic foods, beverages, and restaurants. These consumers are twice as likely as the population to try any food/beverage at least once, no matter how exotic or unusual. TNS Landis also ranked product types that appeal to adventurous eaters alongside the branded products.  This side-by-side comparison found that generic food types such as tofu, imported cheese, hummus, sushi, and whole grains such as barley and bulgur scored higher than did most brands. This may suggest unmet needs for branded products in these categories. Watch for the “mainstreeting” of exotic fare, and more source-branded ingredients  beyond wine, coffee and olive oil.

Reported by thefoodpeople.co.uk:

 The Fatty Crab (in New York) is serving its banh mi-like Fatty Dog sandwich that features a housemade sausage using classic Asian ingredients such as ground pork and shrimp topped with xo sauce in a potato bread roll with coriander (cilantro) and crunchy veggies.

From dailyfinance.com:

From big chains to mom-and-pop operations, pizza is about a $50 billion business in the U.S. Many pizza restaurants have suffered in recent years from wildly fluctuating commodities prices; meanwhile, cash-strapped have customers increasingly chosen to dine out in cheaper fast-food restaurants. An 18% tax increase on pizza and soda would be devastating to the industry, which counts on soda sales to boost its profits, says Jennifer Litz, editor of Pizza Marketplace, an industry Web site

EVENT:  Professional pie contest and public tasting March 27 in Denver: www.gabbygourmet.com/pie.htm. Judges include John Lehndorff, former chief judge, National Pie Championships; Marty Meitus, former food editor, Rocky Mountain News.


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