TRENDS: ‘Unpleasant’ Parisian diners; Drinkers R Smart-n-Rich; (Food) price isn’t right

A compendium of food, dining and beverage trend information from the U.S. and the world

Legendary chef and restaurant owner Alain Ducasse talked about New Yorkers in Time Out New York magazine:

“What makes them the most difficult?… They’re like spoiled children. A spoiled child is never happy. They’re a very demanding clientele. There’s a sense of struggle; it’s not a quiet relationship. There’s a certain rush to have to satisfy their demands. That’s a positive facet to it. New Yorkers are demanding but all the while still pleasant. In Paris, they’re demanding and unpleasant.”

Reported by HealthDay News

 Close to two-thirds (61 percent) of American adults consider themselves drinkers, a new U.S. government report “Health Behaviors of Adults: United States, 2005-2007” finds, but almost one-quarter of U.S. residents say they’ve abstained their whole lives. Men are more likely to drink alcohol than women. Higher education boosts the likelihood of alcohol use. Richer people drink more: Just 45 percent of adults in families with incomes below the poverty level reported drinking, compared to 73 percent of those who have incomes four or more times the poverty level.

Reported at tastingtable.com:

Amorin, the world’s largest maker of natural corks, created ReCork America to collect and recycle corks. To date, the program has salvaged more than 6 million corks, which have been incorporated into useful goods, including shoe soles and flooring. Eco-minded wine shops and restaurants from coast to coast are contributing corks. To find a collection spot near you, check http://recork.org/

Reported by Reuters.com:

“We have beef, pork, and dairy prices all increasing substantially since December, in the area of roughly 10 percent,”  said Bill Lapp, economist and president of Advanced Economic Solutions. “Because food manufacturers and restaurants tend not to be philanthropic organizations, they are going to pass those costs on to their consumers.”

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