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U.S. FOOD TRENDS: acai pizza? booze & caffeine? toasted beef gelee

The Wall Street Journal recently did a Q&A with chef and Slow Food/localvore icon Alice Waters who opened Chez Panisse in Berkeley 39 years ago.  Waters said:

– “(Good food) is not inexpensive. But we make choices about what to value. Some people would rather spend their money on cell phones or gym shoes or on a bigger car.”

– “I think the bottom line is that if you want to get people to eat grass-fed beef, we need to make hamburgers because it makes people think about the other hamburgers they’re eating. … You have to begin with where they are.

In the “one-too-many-which-trendy-ingredients” department, there’s this from pizzamarketplace.com: “RedBrick Pizza … (serves) a new acai berry-enriched multigrain artisan pizza crust as the “world’s first.” Acai has surged in popularity lately for its unusually high antioxidant content.”

Weren’t we discouraging the mixing booze with caffeine? Consider this ad in the National Restaurant Association Smart Brief:

“New Full Throttle Night energy drink from Coca-Cola Foodservice has the right taste profile for the adult beverage occasion with alcohol, and dispenses through bar guns — no more half-poured cans. For the younger consumer we offer lower-caffeine, self-serve Full Throttle Twisted.”

And finally, no comment on a review at johnmariani.com of Twist restaurant by Pierre Gagnaire in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Las Vegas:

“You confront the weirdest surf and turf on the planet–“Shellfish Royale,” an amalgam of toasted beef gelée (think: a quarter-inch layer of beef gelatin on the base of a plate), beet slices, smoked red beet puree, and  slightly poached Dabob Bay oysters, all on the same plate.”



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