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TASTE TRENDS: Is black garlic with snails 2010’s ham ‘n’ cheese?


Just wait until the McEngland burger is introduced… 
Associated Press
Italy’s agriculture minister is defending his sponsorship of McDonald’s new all-Italian burger amid criticism that he is sacrificing Italy’s culinary reputation. Minister Luca Zaia has argued that McDonald’s new McItaly burger – using all Italian beef, Asiago cheese and artichoke spread – will pump $4.9 million more a month into the pockets of Italian farmers grappling with tough economic times. But for a country that gave birth to the Slow Food movement, McDonald’s has been hard to swallow.

Black garlic and snails. The new ham and cheese?

Chicago Sun-Times

Though aged garlic has been around for centuries in Asia, it has only been catching on with American chefs since 2004. The buzz hit a fever pitch after popping up on “Iron Chef America” last year. Fans say antioxidant-rich black garlic is the next superfood behind blueberries and wild salmon. The fermentation process changes the properties of the sugar and amino acids in a hard, white head of garlic, producing the melanoidin that turns the cloves black, while the peel remains a dirty white.  Jerome Bacle, chef at Courtright’s restaurant, says black garlic’s complex flavors come from the month-long curing process.He uses aged garlic in a snail and oyster champagne stew with almond tarragon butter.

Here’s a paradigm-shifting, the-future-is-now, dining statistic

Tech Crunch

Online reservation service OpenTable says it has taken more than 2 million reservations via its mobile application since the service launched. Guests who used the app to reserve account for about $100 million in restaurant revenue, the company estimates.

Eat In Eat Out: Food trend forecast 2010: http://americanforecaster.com/

Boulder food history: http://www.ediblecommunities.com/frontrange/pages/issues/spring09/whatALongTaste.pdf


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