2010 FOOD TRENDS: Canada

The Calgary Herald reports on food/dining trends in 2010 in Western Canada:

TRENDING UP: Charcuterie, including high-end meats such as Iberico ham from Spain (the Italian Centre has it for $14.98 for 100 grams, compared with $4.40 per 100 grams for Parma prosciutto or $2.89 for domestic prosciutto). Watch for Canadian cheeses, such as L’Hercules de Charlevoix and Le Cendrillon (voted the best goat cheese in the world in October) to roll like a race car from the coolers at cheesemongers. Artisanal breads are smokin’, and the browner the better. Butter poaching (just kill me now) and truffles of all descriptions are the bomb.
Food predictions for 2010 in Edmonton: More lamb. More confit. And sous vide.
Foods are placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and then cooked at a consistent, low temperature in a water bath.
TRENDING DOWN: Pork belly, cupcakes, finishing salts

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