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FOOD TRENDS ’10: You say salumi, we say ba-loan-ee

– Slashfood.com is wondering whether bologna will be the new bacon in 2010. Fast food player Hardee’s is finding great success with its new Oscar Mayer Fried Bologna Biscuit. Maybe this will translate into artisan mortadella cheddar scone sandwiches at upscale bruncheries.

– PEMS, a Colorado company, has introduced Perky Jerky, a line of caffeinated beef jerky. (perkyjerky.com)

– A study by the American Assn. of Wine Economists asked volunteers to blind taste five dog food samples along with Spam, liverwurst, mousse, and pâté. Only a handful of them were able to identify the dog food.

(Plan to celebrate National Pie Day on Jan. 23 by making and sharing pie. For ideas, visit John Lehndorff’s pie page at: http://johnlehndorff.com/JL-Pie.html
View and purchase his Pie Calendar 2010 at:

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