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The age of the overloaded cupcake is over. Now comes the return of the pie. Americans are cooking and baking at home more. The times are prompting a revival of nostalgic comfort foods. They have less to spend on food and dining, so that means fewer ready-to-eat processed foods. They’re very concerned about nutrition, sustainabilty and local ingredients. They are returning to the simple joy of making and sharing fruit pies.

That’s why I thought it was time to create The Pie Calendar 2010. Here are some details – please pardon the PR language! ………………..

Just in time for National Pie Day, January 23, America’s foremost authority on America’s dessert has published The Pie Calendar 2010. The only calendar of its kind, The Pie Calendar 2010 is a 13-month celebration of pie and pie-makers in a full-color wall calendar.

It’s jam-packed with pie lore, pie illustrations, a great apple pie recipe, pie philosophy, pie photos, pie events plus pie tools and even pie poetry. This is THE calendar for every pie-maker and pie-lover and features sweet as well as savory pies.

In the calendar, October 2010, is dedicated to a wonderful event: Pie Night. Here’s an excerpt:

“The first rule of Pie Night: Everybody brings a pie to Pie Night. For 30 years on the Saturday between Halloween and Thanksgiving, a diverse group of loosely affiliated folks have met at an old Grange Hall. Sometimes there are 60 folks, sometimes more, and that means there’s at least 50 pies of all species. The flakes fly as we dash to taste pie appetizers, pie entrees and pie desserts before they are all consumed…. There always seems to be enough pie and there’s never too many of any one type of pie. It is as close to being a healing religious experience as any feast could be.”

John Lehndorff has been eating pie for 50 years, baking pie for 30 years and has written about pie as an award-winning journalist, restaurant critic and food editor for more than 25 years. He is the former executive director of the American Pie Council. He has judged dozens of pie contests and was the head judge for the National Pie Championships. He directed the Great American Pie Festival, was the spokesperson for National Pie Day, Jan. 23, and founding editor of the Pie Times newsletter. Visithis pie page at:  http://johnlehndorff.com/JL-Pie.html

View and purchase The Pie Calendar 2010 at:

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