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2010 MENU: Croatian wine and funnel sticks

– Forget about Napa, Tuscany and Burgundy. According to the Wall Street Journal, some of the hottest wines emerging in the next few years will come from Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

– In 2010, look for more menus without dollar signs or the word dollar on it, according to the New York Times:
“In the world of menu engineering and pricing, a dollar sign is pretty much the worst thing you can put on a menu, particularly at a high-end restaurant…. Pounded by the recession, (restaurateurs) are hoping that some magic combination of prices, adjectives, fonts, type sizes, ink colors and placement on the page can coax diners into spending a little more money.”

– Look for more tea on the menu and shelves in 2010, according to Packaged Facts’ “Tea and Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Tea in the U.S.: Retail, Foodservice and Consumer Trends.” According to the report, foodservice players from fine restaurants on down are expanding their tea offerings even as tea rooms and coffee/tea shops surge, suggesting
tea may be headed toward much broader levels of distribution and popularity.

– Look for “funnel sticks” at Burger King this year, joining their other sticks: chicken fries and apple fries. Taking off from the carnival treat, the funnel sticks are just mini-doughnuts.

(To order John Lehndorff’s Pie Calendar 2010, a 13-month celebration of America’s iconic dessert, visit: http://magcloud.com/browse/Issue/53186 or

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