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THE NEWS: The Boulder, CO.-based Fresh Ideas Group just released its 2010 consumer trend forecast which focuses on driving ideas as much as hot entrees.

In trends in 2010 include: Nurturing, Practical, “Nonprecious” organic, Small bites, Vintage brands, Salad bar for school lunch, Agave or cane sugar, Gluten- free worth tasting, Wellness insurance, Slow recovery, and Resilience.

Out trends in 2010 include: Spending, Narcissism, Decadence, Brand-new, High fructose corn syrup, Spin doctoring, Virgin plastic, Quick turnaround, and Resistance to change.

WHAT IT MEANS: While noting that women might become the majority of workers in 2010 and that females makes about 85 percent of consumer purchases, the FIG forecast also reports that men now constitute 36 percent of the shoppers at natural foods stores. Frankly, it’s about time that guys like me were finally noticed. I’ve been doing the grocery shopping for 20 years or more but I can’t say I’ve ever shopped at a  particularly guy-friendly supermarket.

Restaurant eaters will continue to trade down from pricey to pragmatic in their dining out choices which makes ethnic eateries the likely destinations as well as street food trucks.

Food-savvy kids (regrettably labeled “Koodies”) will be changing menus at home, in restaurants and at school by asking for quality fare. Given the choice, they’ll pick sushi over chicken fingers.

Supercharged foods will continue to be hot including salba, acai, yumberry and mangosteen

(For the complete Fresh Ideas Group forecast: http://www.freshideasgroup.com/work/focus_group.php?id=238)

For more food trend figures: Eat In, Eat Out, a new magazine-style business-to-business white paper on food, dining and beverage industry trends for 2010 and beyond. www.americanforecaster.com.

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