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Food trends 2010: What we’ll be eating next

THE NEWS: The Jan. 20 Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine consolidated culinary prognostications from various sources including Mintel, Technomic and Restaurants & Institutions into what’s-in and -out lists:

WHAT IS IN: More burgers (grass-fed and upscale); retailers experimenting with foodservice; pairing food and craft beer; Upscale bar food (e.g., bacon popcorn); “Flights” of food: (mini-tacos, ceviches, mini-sandwiches); Family-style entrees; Reducing sodium; Nostalgia/retro cooking; and House-smoked foods; Sake sommeliers; Mobile food trucks; Insider deals, giveaways;
Roof-top dining; Vietnamese pho (soup) and bahn mi (sandwich); Sustainable seafood; Interactive dining, mix-it-yourself-sauces, build your own sundaes; Cheaper price-fix meals; Rehabbing existing kitchens; All-day breakfast

Green Gringo food truck, Boulder CO

WHAT IS OUT: Fine-(expensive) dining, drinking; Upscale steak restaurants; Low-carb anything; Highly processed foods; Sliders; Foam; 10-course tasting menus; Fried food

(To order John Lehndorff’s Pie Calendar 2010, a 13-month celebration of America’s iconic dessert, visit: http://magcloud.com/browse/Issue/53186 or

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