U.S. Food, Dining and Beverage Trends 2010 – 8

THE NEWS: According to Nielsen Business Media, woe to the company that ignores the Baby Boomers or thinks they will be like their parents:
“(This is) the first generation to grow up in a full-blown consumer marketplace. Baby boomers won’t spend on the same categories as their parents did. For example, consumption of alcoholic beverages is much higher for baby boomers than for the current cohort of 65-plus people.”
WHAT IT MEANS: We Baby Boomers will be as cranky and demanding as seniors that we were as children and adults. Look for Baby Boomer-keyed eateries that are not loud, and have good lighting and wide comfortable chairs. The food better be good, too, and recognize our dietary restricions. I can’t blog about this any more. I have to go take a nap.

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