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A look at food to come

For many months I’ve been working with Kim Long on a new type of food trend white paper. Here’s what industry magazine Gourmet Retailer had to say about it today:

Foodies Picks & Predictions
“Eat In Eat Out” is a 52-page full-color illustrated magazine-style report, packed with insights, perspectives and highlights impacting retail and foodservice sectors. The new publication is backed by 25 years of publishing history from the “American Forecaster Almanac.” Trend predictions include:
• Kitchen gardens, community gardens and gardening in general are part of a broad trend marked by a quest for freshness, improved taste, lower grocery bills and optimal nutrition.
• Major chefs, independent restaurants and entrepreneurs are part of a rapidly expanding zeal for street food — this includes the introduction of new ethnic cuisines, culinary fusion concepts and upscale versions of traditional street food.
• Chefs, specialty markets and major supermarket chains are in a rush to develop local food resources — heirloom vegetables, ultra-fresh eggs, natural meats, handcrafted cheeses, fresh herbs and other artisan commodities.
• A renaissance is under way for traditional European delicacies — lardo, salume, provincial cheeses and others — but made from scratch by local and regional American food crafters.
• Craft innovation has spread from the thriving American microbrewery industry to a new niche market — microdistilleries — making high-end gins, vodkas, whiskeys and even absinthe and grappa.

For more information, visit www.americanforecaster.com. ;

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