A month of pie: No. 1

Since I love pie and I wish everyone would bake pies from scratch, I’m sending daily posts about pie from Oct. 26 to Thanksgiving.

– From my entry in the This I Believe archives:
“I believe in pie. My favorite food, bar none, is warm, fresh wild blueberry pie a la moded with good vanilla bean ice cream. But my faith transcends simple taste. When push comes to shove (as it so often does in life), I trust what lies within flaky crust.
I honestly believe that if we all sat down and ate pie together, we’d find common ground. Our nation would be a better place if we made pie, not war.
I believe that each of us deserves their piece of the pie, not pie in the sky.
I believe that pie is “as American as apple pie,” which is really to say that pie, like all us citizens, emigrated here from elsewhere and found a home. America’s allies and its enemies also understand pastry in its myriad manifestations. They believe in baklava, empanadas, samosas, b’stilla, hammentaschen, pasties, tarts or quiche. No matter what you call it, pie epitomizes abundance and celebration.”

Pie tip
When making pie crust, everything you use should be chilled beforehand: mixers, bowls, spatulas and all the ingredients including flour. The very last thing you want is for the fat you use – whether it’s butter, lard or Crisco – to melt into the flour.

Pie quote
“Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.”
– Jane Austen

In crust, we trust


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