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The Generic Gourmet Food News Update

TRUTH IN ADJECTIVES: The Chicago Tribune (7/6/09) has posted a list of clichéd and mostly meaningless phrases it (and I) wish restaurants would remove from their menus including: “Grilled to perfection;” “World famous;” “Kobe burger” (because only beef imported from Japan should be labeled as such); “Shrimp Scampi,” “Eggplant alla melanzane,” and “With au jus” (because they mean “shrimp shrimp”; “eggplant in the style of eggplant”; and “with with juice;” “Garden Fresh;” “Homemade” and “Melt in your mouth” (steak doesn’t melt, it gets chewed no matter how tender it is).”

PICKLING WITH PETROLEUM: You’ve heard of fat-free, GMO-free, sugar-free and gluten-free. Are you ready for “petroleum-free?”  The H.J. Heinz company is beginning to run ads noting that its vinegars do not contain petroleum, thereby suggesting that other companies’ vinegars DO. Which leads us to a disturbing fact: federal regulations allow petroleum to be used in vinegar-making without notice on the label.

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