Food and Cooking

The Award-winning Jet-Puffed Hotluck Surprise

We wanted to come up with something truly different to bring to the annual Hotluck, a wonderful Boulder gathering of adventurous foodies. Everbody brings a dish that has tons of flavor and can be spicy hot.  My son Hans and I batted around ideas for awhile involving peppers in various form. We ended up creating Jet-Puffed Surprises. We chopped fresh habanero and serrano peppers and put a little bit of it in the middle of each marshmallow. We topped each marshmallow with a Ghiradelli chocolate chip and a sprinkle of fleur de sel before toasting each  perfectly with a propane torch. They were the hit of the Hotluck and took home the Most Creative prize in the voting that followed the meal. It was a mouth bemuser because it starts out in your mouth s’more-like until you crunch into the peppers, seeds and all, and get that little blast of heat. I could easily see doing these for another party as a straight dessert with maple-candied roasted hazelnuts in the middle. Yum.

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